We're all about growth

(yours, to be specific)

Headquartered in Cleveland and Dallas, Align Capital Partners is a $325 million, growth-oriented private equity firm that partners with business owners and management teams to create shared success. We bring experience and resources to help companies accelerate their growth, to the benefit of management, employees, and our investors.

Align makes control investments in growth oriented, lower middle market specialty manufacturing, distribution, and business services companies. We have deep experience with these types of businesses, having completed more than 80 investments representing more than $5.0 billion of enterprise value since 2000.

Alignment & Focus

Alignment and focus are the core tenets upon which our firm is built. We believe that alignment through common goals is the foundation for healthy, prosperous relationships with our portfolio companies, deal intermediaries, employees and other stakeholders. In addition, focus allows our firm and our management teams to prioritize the most impactful opportunities to create value in our businesses.

Who We Partner With

Align seeks to partner with management teams who want a capital partner that can help stimulate innovation, integrate new opportunities, and ultimately accelerate growth.



Innovative strategies and capabilities are at the core of every differentiated business. Align invests in innovative companies and management teams and provides the resources, relationships, and experience to help them thrive.



Strategic acquisitions, new talent, and new resources, when integrated properly, accelerate growth and strengthen a company’s value proposition. Align’s principals have deep experience finding and integrating new ideas, approaches, and capabilities into entrepreneurial businesses to help companies grow much more rapidly than they could on their own.



Creating sustainable, profitable growth is our ultimate goal. It’s not easy, but we have helped dozens of companies accelerate their growth and achieve performance levels beyond management’s expectations. We are a growth-oriented firm that ensures all constituents to our investments benefit from the collective growth achieved by Align and its management partners.