CEO Testimonials

Chris LeMay

CEO, Alliance Technical Group

Alliance Technical Group provides source emissions and LDAR testing solutions to customers throughout the United States.  ACP partnered with Alliance in 2016 as the firm’s first platform investment.  Hear from Chris the types of resources we are providing as a committed partner.

Wayne Greenberg

CEO, E Source

E Source provides predictive analytics, market research, benchmarking data and consulting services to more than 300 electric, gas and water utilities, municipalities and their partners.  Within the first year of ACP’s investment, E Source completed five add-on acquisitions.  Hear from Wayne how ACP is supporting M&A and growth goals.

Tom Cavinder

CEO, Southwest Elevator Company

Southwest Elevator Company provides preventative maintenance, repair and modernization services for elevators and escalators.  Hear from Tom about our partnership and how ACP is helping scale Southwest into a national brand.

Landen Williams &

Jon Marston

Co-Founders, WilliamsMarston

WilliamsMarston is an accounting advisory and management consulting firm serving public, private equity-backed and pre-IPO companies.  ACP partnered with WilliamsMarston to provide growth capital and operational resources.  Hear from Landen and Jon how we are working together to take the business to the next level.