Partnership and Alignment Around Our Proven Growth Model

We have two primary goals as private equity investors: be great partners and create great outcomes. With decades of experience, we bring a tailored approach to small company growth needs, and we serve as an active partner throughout the hold period to work hard with you to drive exceptional shared outcomes.

The work starts pre-investment where we’ll listen to your ideas and then create a roadmap of the paths we can take together to unlock transformational growth. Then we build upon those plans post-close and follow a consistent operating rhythm to support rapid scale success.

The most surprising thing has been the speed at which they’ve been willing to get us going. Right out of the gate, we had a number of good opportunities to do M&A and we’ve pursued those to close five acquisitions in our first 18 months of partnership.

Wayne Greenberg
Former CEO, E Source

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What To Expect Before Closing

Together we will:

  • Create a shared vision of success and outline clear expectations for investment performance
  • Develop strategic plans and identify organic and M&A investment priorities to get there
  • Prioritize key initiatives and resources needed to execute, including identifying relevant operating resources and talent and technology investment needs

They have a great reputation and track record of success. We did our diligence and felt from the beginning that there was a mutual personality fit and a shared vision. We also made sure that they would support us in the ways we needed to be successful.

Landen Williams
Co-Founder, WilliamsMarston

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What Happens After Closing

  • We support portfolio companies’ growth plans via a clearly defined operating rhythm
  • We share and collaborate on proven best practices, growth accelerators and other resources from the ACP Toolkit including:
    • Sales playbook
    • Pricing experts
    • Lead generation strategies
    • Digital marketing programs
    • Technology optimization and upgrades
    • Talent acquisition assistance
  • Where relevant, we’ll develop plans to proactively target add-on opportunities and help integrate them into the company
  • Leverage the talent and experience in the portfolio and introduce you to other CEOs and management teams for collaboration and best practice sharing

I’ve seen tremendous results since joining SEAM as its CEO and working with ACP. Their operational resources provide us with guidance when needed, including talent acquisition and implementing a sales playbook, to expand our service offerings into new growth markets.

Colin Duncan

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