Why Align?

Our Mission: To be the best private equity partner by aligning with ambitious management teams to drive outsized results, creating a positive impact for all stakeholders.

Experienced Investors. Trusted Partners.

We are excited by business owners and management teams who are looking for an engaged and impactful growth partner — teams that are looking for a partner that brings more than just capital. At ACP, we help management teams chart a course toward unlocking transformational growth. Our experience allows us to move with speed and certainty — so together we can strive for growth far beyond what they would achieve alone. We invest time to thoughtfully build a roadmap together, which allows everyone to know where we’re going and how we plan to get there. We structure our partnerships so that along the way, we all have an opportunity to win together.

As the first CEO to become part of the ACP portfolio, it’s amazing to reflect on how both of our organizations charted a path for growth together. Our teams collaborated at each step of the journey to add key sales, operational and finance resources – which created the foundation to allow ATG to scale rapidly and enter new markets.

Chris LeMay
CEO, Alliance Technical Group

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Aligned from the Start

As aggressive growth partners, we look for business owners motivated to accelerate their company’s growth by making strategic investments in its people, processes and technology early in our partnership.    Our relationship begins at our first meeting where we’ll be clear on our intentions for the business during the hold period and our commitments to drive growth.  We invest the time pre-close to make sure we are aligned on strategic priorities, and together we’ll map out a playbook to drive transformational growth – the type of growth where together we can double or triple the size of a business in partnership with management.    To achieve this kind of transformation, we collaborate to build a shared vision of what it takes to win together, so we’ll be off and running once the investment closes. 

After 15 years of being a successful family-owned business, the family decided the best path forward for continued success would be to partner with a firm like ACP that has a great track record of helping companies accelerate growth.

Ruben Martinez
Founder, Custom Veterinary Services

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Culture Matters

You’ll find we put extra emphasis on the kind of culture our portfolio companies are building because people are the difference, and we understand that great talent is necessary to create a winning environment at successful businesses. And we want you to see the same, strong foundation in us. We are clear and transparent about our intentions and our expectations, but most importantly, we do what we say we are going to do. We pride ourselves in being a team of honest, humble and passionate people who like to work hard but ensure we have fun along the way.

Partnering with Align was about more than just access to capital. They share a passion for our mission and bring an enormous amount of operational and growth resources that will help us reach our goals.

Stephanie Nadi Olson
Founder and CEO, We Are Rosie

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Our Values

We Appreciate
Our Partners

We Do What
We Say

We Work
as a Team

We Strive To Get
Better Every Day