Marco is a leading technology-enabled, specialty distributor of elastomer components, including O-rings, gaskets, and other high-performance sealing solutions across a broad array of end markets, including aerospace, medical, semiconductor, chemical, and many other diverse markets.

Marco leverages its proprietary technology platform to link a global supply network, representing more than 3,000 material formulations, more than a million SKUs, and custom products to provide fast and cost-effective service to customers around the world.


Premiere Precision Components

December 2020

Anchor Rubber Products

March 2022

Ipotec LLC

June 2022

Jet Gasket & Seal

February 2023

American Seal & Packing

August 2023

Allied Metrics

January 2024


Primary Sector:
Specialty Manufacturing and Distribution

Seabrook, NH

Investment Date:
February 2020

Primary Contact:
Chris Jones

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