Alliance Holdings, LLC

Alliance Holdings, LLC is a leading provider of source emissions and leak detection and repair (“LDAR”) testing solutions to customers throughout the United States.  Alliance has a national footprint of 17 offices across 11 states, with attractive geographic density in key regions, and the technical expertise to serve a diverse range of end markets.

With expertise in a variety of test methods, Alliance is uniquely qualified to provide customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective source testing solutions available.

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Primary Industry: Environmental Services
HQ: Decatur, AL
Investment Date: October 2016
Primary Contact: Rob Langley
Add-Ons Closed:

Golden Specialty,
April 2017

Air Pollution Testing (APT), March 2018

METCO Environmental,
Feb 2020

Emissions Monitoring Division of Bureaus Veritas, Sept 2020

Blue MountainBlue Mountain, Nov 2020