Alliance Holdings, LLC

Alliance Holdings, LLC is a leading provider of source emissions and leak detection and repair (“LDAR”) testing solutions to customers throughout the United States.  Alliance has a national footprint of 19 offices across 11 states, with attractive geographic density in key regions, and the technical expertise to serve a diverse range of end markets.

With expertise in a variety of test methods, Alliance is uniquely qualified to provide customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective source testing solutions available.

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Primary Industry: Environmental Services
HQ: Decatur, AL
Investment Date: October 2016
Primary Contact: Rob Langley
Add-Ons Closed:

Golden Specialty,
April 2017

Air Pollution Testing (APT), March 2018

METCO Environmental,
Feb 2020

Emissions Monitoring Division of Bureaus Veritas, Sept 2020

Blue MountainBlue Mountain, Nov 2020

Almega Environmental, Nov 2020

Aeros Environmental, Feb 2021