SEAM Group

SEAM Group offers an unparalleled approach to strategic enterprise asset management, ensuring a safe environment while achieving improved utilization, enhanced performance and reliability all while reducing costs.  SEAM Group specializes in electrical safety, predictive maintenance programs, reliability consulting and repair services; each supported by patented software systems ensuring program metrics.

SEAM Group services are designed to create sustainable change to customer’s environment, people, processes and workflows.  SEAM Group leverages ViewPoint, its award-winning predictive maintenance software tool, and newly developed mobile platform ViewPoint On-Demand, to bring leading-edge solutions to help clients manage their programs and sustain success.  SEAM Group offers services globally via regional offices throughout the world.  

Primary Industry: Certification, Training and Risk Management
HQ: Cleveland, OH
Investment Date: Lewellyn Technology, November 2017
Primary Contact: Chris Jones
Add-Ons: 3 Closed

Predictive Service,
Aug 2018

BalticBerg Consulting,
May 2019

Electrical Engineering & Service Co., Inc.,
Feb 2022