Why Do Business Owners and Executives Partner with ACP?

We’re a Growth Partner Focused on Creating Shared Success


Finding alignment with our partners through shared principles and common goals is the foundation for healthy, prosperous relationships. Our experienced team invests time on the front end to align the personal, professional, and economic interests of all shareholders — an approach that positions companies to thrive and management teams to accomplish both their personal and professional objectives.

Who We Partner With


We partner with business founders and owners, management teams, and executives who have a drive for success and are seeking an experienced growth partner. ACP invests in differentiated businesses where innovative strategies and capabilities are fundamental components of success. Our team will bring speed, certainty, and creativity to the partnership. 

We partnered with ACP so we could become a national brand. When their team comes in, they meet us on common ground and consider us an equal partner.

Tom Cavinder

CEO & Founder, Southwest Elevator Company

They have a great reputation and track record of success. We did our diligence and felt from the beginning that there was a mutual personality fit and a shared vision. We also made sure that they would support us in the ways we needed to be successful.

Landen Williams

Co-Founder, WilliamsMarston

Hear From Our Portfolio Company Leaders

How We Support Our Partners


Strategic add-on acquisitions, fresh perspectives, and key resources, when integrated properly, accelerate growth and strengthen a company’s value proposition. Our team brings deep experience in finding and integrating new ideas, approaches, and capabilities to help companies grow and management teams thrive.

The most surprising thing has been the speed at which they’ve been willing to get us going. Right out of the gate, we had a number of good opportunities to do M&A and we’ve pursued those to close five acquisitions in our first 18 months of partnership.

Wayne Greenberg

CEO, E Source

I’ve seen tremendous results since joining SEAM as its CEO and working with ACP. Their operational resources provide us with guidance when needed, including talent acquisition and implementing a sales playbook, to expand our service offerings into new growth markets.

Colin Duncan


How We Drive Results


As a growth investor, creating sustainable, profitable growth is our ultimate goal. We view our relationships as true partnerships where we work to ensure all parties collectively benefit from the success achieved together. Our team supports management’s objectives with proven capital and the dedication to take companies to the next level.

We owe Align a lot of gratitude and thanks for helping us get from where we were to where we are today. They have given us the tools that we need to be a better company in the future.

Chris LeMay

CEO, Alliance Technical Group

ACP helped Pleatco design and execute a strategy to expand into a new end-market and diversify the Company. This doubled our addressable market and positioned us for sustained growth. Today, we’ve made huge strides to implement the facilities, processes, systems, and talent required to achieve our ambitious growth goals.

Seth Soltow

President, Pleatco Filtration

Partner with ACP

Looking to learn more about partnering with ACP? Contact Katie Noggle, Managing Director, Business Development.