RCP’s 2021 Deal of the Year | Alliance Technical Group

On April 28, 2022, Align Capital Partners (“ACP”) was awarded RCP Advisors’ 2021 Deal of the Year.  ACP was selected following its acquisition, development, and subsequent sale of Alliance Technical Group (“Alliance” or the “Company”).

After a thorough review of 120+ realization events across RCP’s various portfolios in 2021, RCP selected ACP’s transaction with Alliance as the Deal of the Year because RCP believes it represents the very best of what small buyouts can produce for all stakeholders: adding value to portfolio companies by providing financial and human capital, as well as equity incentives to management to professionalize and institutionalize the business, growing it rapidly through add-on acquisitions and successfully integrating each so as to enhance the business’ value proposition for its customers, and then selling it upstream to a larger financial or strategic buyer for the benefit of management/employees, limited partners, and other shareholders.

RCP is an investor in ACP’s first two sponsored funds.  ACP’s singular focus on investing with management teams in the United States and Canada who want a capital partner that can help stimulate innovation, integrate new opportunities, and accelerate growth has distinguished ACP from its peers.  RCP believes their disciplined selection and vast experience in improving and growing businesses has made them one of the premier firms in the lower middle market.

“We are honored to be recognized for our investment in Alliance. This shared success story really signifies what ACP was founded to do – support strong management teams in their pursuit of ambitious growth goals.  Together, we enhanced growth with investments in people, process improvement, and technology; while also completing 11 add-on acquisitions to transform the business into a national leader,” says Rob Langley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ACP.


Alliance is the leading provider of source testing, emissions monitoring, and analytical services to customers throughout the United States. The Company has a nationwide footprint with attractive geographic density in key regions and the technical expertise to serve a diverse range of end markets. Alliance provides customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective source testing solutions available.


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