state and local government technology

Align Capital Partners is actively pursuing platform investments in the Government Technology sector with the goal of helping management teams deliver innovative solutions to state and local government (SLG) customers at a time when budgets are tight and needs are great.

With more state and municipal governments leaning on technology solutions from the private sector, ACP is excited about the near-term opportunities to work with companies to accelerate their market impact. This includes capitalizing on the following industry themes:

SLG IT systems are often decades behind private industries. ACP sees an opportunity to apply proven technology and replace antiquated legacy systems with low-cost, cloud-based SaaS platforms.

COVID has only enhanced the need for this system transition. We’ve seen the pandemic shine a light on the need for cost efficiencies and better citizen engagement / public safety.

The IT / OT SLG landscape is fragmented given the number of cities, states, and jurisdictions. ACP believes there is going to be further consolidation in this space and we can help build assets of scale.

Our experienced Investment Team, technology-focused Operating Partners, and network of Tech Executives bring the knowledge and resources to help SLG companies successfully grow to scale. ACP has extensive experience in strategic buy-and-build execution, integration, and growth as evidenced by the 19 add-ons closed last year across our portfolio. For investment opportunities, please contact:

Chris Jones| Managing Partner |
Matt Iodice | Principal |




E Source is one of ACP’s current SLG Technology platforms. Within the first year of our investment, E Source completed five add-on acquisitions. Hear from Wayne how ACP supports the company’s M&A and growth goals.